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Avec SAWAED Découvrez une nouvelle façon de faire la charité

SAWAAED charity moroccan association is a new charity foundation in establishment but experienced in charity work with the goal of saving and transforming the lives of some of the morocco’s most vulnerable people.

We work with our community to provides aid to those who are suffering from poverty, illiteracy, homelessness, unemployment, or lack of skills and economic opportunities.


President of Sawaed charity moroccan association

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Making the difference was never easy, but with SAWAAED Charity Moroccan Association the doors are open for something big, join us in the journey of changing the lives of others.


President of the association

Mr Youssef Bouzoubaa is the President of the SAWAED Charity Moroccan Association, he has a lot of experience in the field and has contributed to many charitable actions across morocco, he is responsible for the health section of our association and works together with the team to fulfill demands related to health situations.

Treasurer of the association

Mr Ayoub MOURABIT is the Treasurer of SAWAAED Charity Moroccan Association, he has more than seven years of experience in charitable work and has helped to grow the charities he worked for, he is currently the head of the seasonal campaigns and "Sadaqah Jariyah" section and responsible for the financial management of our organization.

association secretary

Mr Mohammed ECHARHBILI is the SAWAAED Charity Moroccan Association secretary, he has experience taking part in Charity work in Morocco and he is responsible for the section of Sustainable Development and projects with return on investment, he collaborates with the team in order to help project ideas holders and startups.


Mr El Fatnan Youssef is an advisor for SAWAAED Charity Moroccan Association, he has a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies and he has a lot of experience in charity work, he is responsible for the orphan and widows sponsorship program dedicated to helping this vulnerable portion of our society.


M. Ilyas Benchakchou is an Advisor for SAWAAED Charity Moroccan Association, he is currently pursuing his baccalaureate degree and also working with us as an advisor that gives more energy and ideas to the team in addition to his role as a social networks manager for our organization.

We are focusing on providing necessities of life like water, education, livelihood and socio-economic development thus lifting the maximum people out of poverty.

Our Focus

Sadaqah Jariyah

Sadaqah Jariyah, or “ongoing charity,” which is charity given with the goal that its benefits continue after one’s passing (well driling, building schools, planting trees...etc.

Seasonal Campaigns

A seasonal campaign is a limited-time action, The campaign includes a set of relief programs to provide for the needs (êid fitr and êid al adha ,heating means, clothing, food needs, in addition to school suppliments...).

the Health Projects

Our Health Project aims to provide financial assistance in preforming necessary medical tests and conducuting sururgical operations

Sustainable Development

We develop projects with a return on investment that help increase the income of the poor class, and work to move from dependence on humanitarian aid to development and self-reliance.

Orphan Sponsorship Program

Support children who have lost a breadwinner, This is by following up on the child’s and his health and educational status, and providing what he needs of food, medicine and shelter.

emergency response campaigns

we work on a set of campaigns annually as a quick response to the needs of areas that are exposed to humanitarian disasters or to harsh and emergency weather conditions.

Amongst the best charity organisation in morocco

We excel at what we do best, join us , for you to be our partner in success.

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