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Heating Wood

Distribution of heating wood to face bad weather conditions

on The occasion of the winter, which is characterized by harsh cold in the High Atlas Mountains, SAWAED CHARITY MOROCCAN ASSOCIATION Was thriled to distribute heating wood to the benefit of the residents of four villages in the Asni district, and this distribution comes within the framework of the relief campaign 2023 of the SAWAED CHARITY MOROCCAN ASSOCIATION. it was a wonderful atmosphere filled with the spirit of solidarity, cooperation and service to others within the framework of humanitarian collective work.

It is noteworthy that this initiative, which was well received by the residents, was funded by a group of benefactors, who provided what was distributed to the residents of the villages, some of which suffered from cold weather and being cut off from the outside world due to the snow storms that the High Atlas Mountains know.

the concerned families, exhausted by destitution and poverty, suffer greatly to earn a living, and to obtain heating wood to face the effects of the cold wave. Their daily living is limited to some necessities that may not last long. They are in constant struggle with the poverty and need, nevertheless they are glad of the snowfalls, although they carry They have harsh of extreme cold, suffering, and isolation. They are accustomed to their groans and suffering, so they no longer ask for anything more than to continue living. Their dreams are small and their aspirations are simple and do not exceed the ceiling of the necessities of daily living and some pastures for their livestock.