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Wells Digging

Provide drinking water for needy families

we at sawaed charity moroccan association have worked with donors to provide drinking water for needy families, which included the drilling, install pump, to provide safe clean drinking water for all.
the well has successfully been established and he has enough resources of water to provide the village for undetermined period of time, this kind of projects are essential in rural villages where there is shortage of drink water unlike big cities that have big facilities.

New wells can be the difference between life and death. Safe access to clean water creates sustainable communities. When you give clean water you give time, opportunity, education, and empowerment. When a community receives clean water, they are given the resources of health, hygiene, and time to create a more sustainable society.

When you give Clean Water you give Time, Sustainability , encourage Education...

Time: It takes an average of 4-5 hours to get water from it's source, daily. (3-4 km). wells drilled near from home make it easier , people will gain back so much time.

Sustainability: With wells drilling near population, families can focus on generating extra income, spending more time working, or attending school.

Education: With parents focused on income, children are often tasked with gathering water, which means less time for school. With clean water near from home, children can attend school without interruption.

Donate now for Wells drilling

We've had a lot of donors completely sponsor water projects, be one of them and you can provide water for underprivileged families, there are Hundreds of villages are in need of immediate water projects funding.